Week 4 Picture Stories Research: Sara Lorusso

Sara Lorusso is a 21 year old Italian photographer who produces work based on sexuality. Her most recent project sets out to show the human (specifically female) body as something which is not purely there for sexual or pornographic reasons, she wants to promote the female body’s beauty.


In her work, Sara used a variety of objects to censor body parts which are deemed as sexual with everyday objects (food, flowers, plants) to suggest making them more socially acceptable. She says; “Indeed my photographs are a metaphor, as if we were carrying it into a parallel reality, in an idyllic world, made of flowers, fruits and good things.”


All her images are taken on an analog camera and use females who are open about their sexuality, so the images ooze confidence from the models, making it easier to see Sara’s purpose. Sara sees our bodies as works of art, and they are shown as so through her images.


Being the young photographer that Sara Lolusso is, it has been difficult to find information on her, however her work is so intriguing that I had to research her. Her work has blown up in the world of feminism and her work has been shared and viewed by hundreds of people on social media, which shows that her view on the body is being promoted through these mediums.


I personally like her work because it is so simplistic, however it promotes an important message; your body is a work of art, which in this generation is of high importance.

– http://www.c-heads.com/2016/08/30/my-work-is-about-sexuality-images-that-are-a-sophisticated-delicate-and-intimate-metaphor-of-sex-sara-lorusso/
– http://www.ignant.com/2016/10/06/sexuality-according-to-sara-lorusso/?lang=de
– https://www.flickr.com/photos/119376445@N05/with/30364451055/
– http://saralorussophotography.tumblr.com/


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