Evaluation – Prosperity and Austerity

This project, in terms of final prints, was my least favourite. I couldn’t come up with an edit which portrayed the message which I wanted to portray. I think the fact that I decided to use Christmas Day as my idea for this project was not the best as I only had one day to get the pictures, and also having to try and get these shots along with spending the day with my family and enjoying myself, I found it hard to juggle the two.

My favourite image from this project, is the one below. This is purely because I feel this is the only technically good one. I like the sharpness of the crackers, and I like how there are reflections in them. I also like how it all surrounds just one colour – blue – which I feel ties in to the theme of Christmas and winter quite well.

My least favourite image is the one further below. When I chose this image I thought it was an okay quality image, compared to the others I took of a similar theme. However, when printed I felt it was very soft and out of focus, and I did not like the final print of it.
Overall, I feel I could have done better on this shoot. In future I will not choose a theme which I can only shoot in a day without being highly prepared, and perhaps not as involved in it, therefore giving me the opportunity to take the images without needing to join in between shoots.




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