Evaluations – The Photojournalist

Stories – Tales of Gloucestershire

I was not overly pleased with how my Stories project came together in the final edit. As said before, I need to work on experimenting with different lightings as I did not work well with the indoor lighting that the skittle ally at the Christmas party shoot provided me with. I feel the best image in this selection of photos is the one below. I like this image because it’s a high contrast, colourful image and hints to the idea of an art club being held due to the small amount of paint and glitter on her hand.

The image I like the least is further below. This is because, although it is a very natural image, I feel it is very dark, even with PhotoShop alterations, and even with the alterations, the resulting print also came out quite dark and desaturated. Overall I think these images do tell the story of the Brandon Trust through the many events they put on for their residents, and I have learnt through photographing this project that I need to focus my attention a lot more on lighting situations and not to rely on a high ISO to get me the images I need.s1510906_ass1


The Event

Overall I really like my final image for The Event project. I chose to use images from Tewkesbury mop fair and Bridgwater Carnival, which were both night time events. I chose to use these because I feel the bright, coloured lights used to illuminate these events made for some eye catching, bright images. I also enjoyed working in this environment as I have never photographed at night beforehand. My favourite image from the final images is the one below. Although I don’t feel it tells the story of Tewkesbury mop fair as an event, I like the almost abstract feel to it, and the bright colours all flying into each other makes this image very aesthetically pleasing. I also like the shapes which have been produced by the movement of the image; the almost wave like motion lines surrounding the bumper car, and the fact that the people in the background are still in full shape I feel is important for the viewer to really get an idea about what this image is about.

My least favourite image from this project is the one further below. The image overall I do really like, because it’s dark and in a sense, quite mysterious. However, out of all the images for this project, critically speaking it is the darkest and there isn’t a main focus of the image that your eye is drawn to. However, saying that, I do still like this image. To conclude, I am very happy with my images from both of these events, my only thing I would change is I would like to have interacted with people more in my images.






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