Photo Story (AD4802) – Fawner.

For our new module, I have chosen to create my photo story following a band which was formed at the university. On the 31st January, I attended one of their rehearsals at Park campus. The main issues I had with my images from this were the lighting, but I wanted to see what images I could get on this occassion without flash, I know that I need to use a speedlight next time. I also need to use a lower ISO, as due to the lighting I used 3200 which made the images very noisy. With that being said, there are a few images that I realy like, and since I shot in volume and I will be seeing the band again, I am in no way worried that I will not get enough images to fit the brief.





The above image was taken at f/6.3, at 1/80 sec. I like this image because the light just seems to be cascading down him, highlighting not only him but his guitar. It also emulates a spotlight, which works well with the context of them being in a band.






This was taken at f/5.6 at 1/50 sec. I like the framing of this image because it shows more than one band member without having too much background and spacing between the two. I also like how their close proximity doesn’t mean they have to be interacting with each other; they’re both simply doing their job within the band.






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