Street (AD4803) – Bristol

I have been to Bristol twice so far for our street module. I am looking to go another two/three times before fully evaluating which images I will use for this project and which narrative to follow. Here are some of the images I think are particuarly interesting.

DSC_0302-.jpg(200 ISO, f18, 1/100 sec.) I like this image because the wheel almost cuts through the beautiful blue sky, and allows itself to be the main subject, where the sky would normally be the main subject. The only thing I dislike is the silhouette of the lamp, which almost seems PhotoShopped onto the image and doesn’t really add anything to it.

DSC_0285-.jpg(200 ISO, f18, 1/100 sec.) I like how the one red lock really sticks out in this image, as all the other colours are relatively neutral.

DSC_0322-.jpg(200 ISO, f16, 1/100 sec.) I enjoy using mirrors in my work, and I feel this image is interesting as it is so natural and could be quite boring, however the mirror adds a different dimension to it and as it is lots of mirrors, it gives an effect of cutting and changing the reflections.

DSC_0332-.jpg(200 ISO, f11, 1/100 sec.) I am not happy with the quality of this image as it is very underexposed and nothing is really in focus, however I really like the idea of this image and the happiness on this young boy’s face. I would like a chance to recreate this image.

DSC_0344-.jpg(200 ISO, f10, 1/100 sec.) I really like the simplicity of this image. I feel the reflections and light bouncing off of the glassware/mugs adds a realistic dimension to it and almost makes it look more three-dimensional due to how highlighted the curves in the crockery are.

DSC_0038.jpg(200 ISO, f13, 1/5 sec.) I like the use of the slow shutter speed on one half of the escelator as I feel it represents the fast movement of the people in the city.  However, I didn’t intend on doing this when taking the image so a lot of the surrounding parts of the image are out of focus or blurred, slightly taking away from that idea.

DSC_0043.jpg(200 ISO, f5.6, 1/40 sec.) I like this image because I feel all the lines in it are aesthetically pleasing as they all point in different directions but they flow well together. I also like the small pop of colour from the yellow above which brings it all together. The inclusion of the security cameras allow for a narrative to be formed about the lack of privacy in the city.

DSC_0073.jpg(200 ISO, f5.6, 1/30 sec.) I tried my hand at shooting through a window, which I feel I need a slight bit more practice in as this is rather underexposed and I should have used a slightly faster shutter speed as much of the image is blurred.

DSC_0067.jpg(200 ISO, f5, 1/30 sec.) I like this image as it is not the typical graffiti on a wall using spray paints etc. but it still qualifies as a type of graffiti and I like how simple it is yet still can be used to represent Bristol

I think from these images I may be able to begin to form a narrative. Some images are definitely stronger than others so another few trips to Bristol are in order, but I think I’ve got a strong start with these images. I particularly like the one looking up at the wheel, because it’s bright and could easily be used as an establishing shot. I also like the image of the breakfast table because I feel it’s quite conservative in the fact that you’d think of a city as being all fast food and disgusting, whereas this layout looks quite posh in a sense, with the petite little table and the river in the background. I think I may form my narrative on something relating to objects that portray a city rather than people. I feel taking pictures of inanimate objects is more of my strong point as I don’t feel overly confident when taking photos of people without their permission. I feel I should go out of my comfort zone, however to achieve good quality images I need to plan the shot beforehand and I don’t currently feel very comfortable doing so with unknowing passers-by.


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