Photo Story (AD4802) Magazine Research – DIY

As my photo story is based around a new and upcoming band, I’ve decided to look into using the magazine “DIY” as the magazine which I want to produce an article for. DIY features many new and unique musical acts, predominantly a lot of indie style musicians, but occasionally more mainstream and popular acts. Fawner would be perfect in a magazine such as this.

Along with attending their gigs and “hanging” with them, I have decided to do a studio shoot with Fawner. I feel this would be good in creating a narrative when combined with images of them performing plus images of them just being your everyday students when they aren’t performing. In many magazines like this, a studio image is almost always a studio shot, however I want to provide a mixture of candid and posed shots to show a variety. Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 14.47.41.png

This image is from the most recent issue, of Circa Waves. I feel a studio image is a good way to show the bands’ and each members personalities but in a more formal way than the candid images. Although the orange background in this image is affective with the use of their all black clothing, I will use either a white or black background as I feel it may take away from the band slightly to have a bright background, and being an upcoming band I would like them to be the only focus and for nothing to be taken away from them.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 14.51.50.png

I like this image of VANT. I would like to do a similar image as it’s very casual, yet again shows formality rather than just them “chilling”. I would like to recreate an image with Fawner with the main person slightly forward from the others, which seems to be a very popular stance on photographing bands. With the lead singer in Fawner being a female, I feel that’d also be quite affective to not have the boys dominating the female, rather to have her standing on her own with “her boys” behind her.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 14.55.58.png

I like the above image because it is more of the candid, in action image which I have already been producing. I feel to produce a bright image like this, I will have to use a speed light, as the images of the band performing which I have so far have been particularly dark. However, I have liked the darkness to some extent as the band themselves are quite grunge/indie in style, so the darkness almost matches their aesthetic. However, judging by the look of the people performing in the above picture, I don’t think their music is particularly “pop”, so perhaps playing with brightness may contrast in a good way with their music, and it may be quite fun to make them seem more pop than they are.


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