Studio (AD4803) – Tearsheet

For my studio tear sheet recreation, I chose to look at the magazine “InkSpired”. I took this photo from an issue in 2016, of Frank Zummo, drummer in Sum 41. I chose this image because I like working with black and white and I liked the combination of the lighting used and the use of black and white.


I established that the image was lit using just one light in front of the subject, allowing for shadows to be formed behind and on his arm, neck etc. I chose to use a long studio light, and used 4.5 – 5 on power, to allow enough light.


This is the image which I created. Although I felt I got the lighting right, upon editing the image I found that I had allowed to many shadows to be formed on the neck and arm, which also made the hair become hidden. I also noticed that there wasn’t enough light on the background, which I think means I needed to have the subject stood nearer to the wall to enable to light to reflect onto the background as it does in the original image. However, I feel that I achieved the sharp outline of the face and nose in the same way that the original photographer did.


To thoroughly achieve the same lighting as the original image, I think I needed to have the lighting on a brighter power, and perhaps have the subject closer to the background and/or light. I also feel in the future, if I were to recreate an image like this, I would need to find a model who has a similar style of tattoo, in order to try and expose the tattoo as one of the main things to focus on. As he didn’t have a tattoo I think my main focus was the outline of the face, and slightly ignored the fact that the tattoo is clearly a large part of the original image.


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