Photo Story (AD4802) – InDesign Layout Ideas


Currently this is the layout I quite like for my photo story recreation. I have decided to use the top image as the header as the black negative space is perfect to have a title placed on. I also feel it works well with the subheading, using the “flannel shirts” as a way of tying those two together visually and textually. I also feel the use of flannel shirts in both the image and subheading will gain a reader’s interest. I tried to alternate between colour and black and white images in this experimentation as I feel that a lot of the colour images are very similar; a lot of red and orange tones due to the poor lighting in the rehearsal space. I feel having some black and white images also gives a more serious tone, which could present the band as a more serious band, again allowing the reader to be more interested. My only issue with this layout is that currently there is no image of the drummer, as I don’t feel I had an image of the drummer which went well with this particular layout, so I am planning to get more photos of him in future shoots so that I have more to work with. As I plan to do a studio shoot with the band, I would definitely have that image of them quite large, so perhaps the portrait large image on the right would be replaced by that.


This is another layout I tried. The title, header image and subheading I kept the same apart from making it slightly smaller. I dislike it smaller as I don’t feel the image is as impactful as if it was large on the page. Also, the image gets slightly taken over by the title in this size. I chose to focus on each individual in the band in the images so that everyone has a part in the images, unlike in my first attempt. The second page is almost a “get to know the band” page. Conor (guitarist) is not on this page, however he is in the header image and the second image on the first page, so I feel he could be introduced in that text. I used a black and white image for the image which goes over the page as I feel this image could be slightly more “in your face” this way.


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