Street (AD4803) – Shoot 3

On the 1st March, Christina and I went to Bristol. I have decided for this module to form a narrative looking at “art in the city”, whether that being architecture or artistic references left by people (graffiti), or even just things that look out of place, and the gloomy weather which we were subjected to on this day worked well with some of the images of buildings, as they dark grey sky produced an interesting backdrop behind the architectural pieces. I particularly like the two images below;DSC_0238.jpgDSC_0133-

I feel the fact that the sky was very consistent, with little cloud or patches of blue sky, allowed for the image to look quite artificial and maybe slightly false, however I like how it gives an ominous feel and allows a viewer to feel a sense of mystery when looking at these. I feel this use of the poor weather conditions adds to the narrative of this street shoot being in Bristol, as the weather is very rarely nice in Bristol, so a viewer can relate to these images in a sense.

When looking to form a narrative, I thought looking at things which are quite similar in the way they look would be a way to connect the images. This is why I have continually used the colour grey, whether that be the sky, buildings or looking at objects that are metallic. I thought the following image would help with linking with this and the idea of art in the city as they are found in the courtyard of @Bristol and are considered art installations.


I like how the water falling down them causes a rainbow effect, which seems to be the only colour in the image. I personally feel this image is quite desaturated and perhaps slightly underexposed, however I feel it adds to the ominous/mysterious idea.


I really like the use of lines in this image. I feel they help to guide your eyes to the only real colour – the newspaper.

When looking at metal in the city, I can use images taken from previous shoots also. Here are the edited images of metallic based photos I have taken so far;

Although I was looking at using grey as a continuous colour, I like that there are little pops of colour with each of these images. I especially like the contrast between the sky in the image of the big wheel and the more recent images. I feel that this idea of metal being quite present in the city is an interesting take on an artistic side to the city, showing a not necessarily highly regarded art form. Using this idea of metal in more gloomy weather I feel would work better as it adds to the idea of metal being a cold medium to use.



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