Photo Story (AD4802) – Artist Research: Adam Elmakias


I have personally followed Adam Elmakias on social media for a while now as he has worked with many musicians that I am a fan of. Along with touring with the bands he is photographing, Adam also blogs about his photography and likes to help aspiring photographers by revealing the equipment and settings he has used for his images.


I like his use of silhouettes when photographing acts on stage, as I feel he is able to capture the essence of that person just by purely using their shape. For example, the below image is of Oliver Sykes, and his signature move as it where, while performing, is to put his hand out with all 5 fingers outstretched, like a high 5. This image is a perfect image for Elmakias to photograph as a silhouette as fans of the artist will know that is Oliver without seeing his face, and I feel that’s a really interesting way of photographing a band member, and allows to establish a more personal feeling towards the musician, both from the photographer point of view and the viewer.


I don’t feel as though I will be able to photograph high quality silhouettes when photographing Fawner as their lighting when performing is no where near as illuminating as the lighting as a Bring Me the Horizon concert, for example. However, looking at the silhouettes allows me to think about focusing on the shapes and movements the band’s bodies make when performing, shapes which could distinguish them from the others, such as the silhouettes do for bigger musicians.





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