Photo Story (AD4802) – Final Fawner shoot.

On the 7th of March, I attended the last Fawner rehearsal which I could before our deadline on the 4th of April. I took a speedlight with me to this rehearsal, as well as a 50mm lens to attempt to get some more context shots. As I felt having the flash straight on the subject may be a bit off-putting when playing instruments, as well as being very harsh in the small room, I decided to bounce the flash from the ceiling. This worked, however I found my images to still be rather warm in colour.

I found myself swapping lenses multiple times during the rehearsal, as I found the 50mm good for wide angle shots, but I wanted a few close up shots also. I also decided to try and get some different angles, I would sit on the floor and try to get some context shots that way. As the band members all stand in different parts of the room, it is difficult to get an  image of them all together, so I decided to sit next to the drummer, and try to get everyone (apart from one of the guitarists Chris, as he was not at this rehearsal) in the shot in some way. These are how that turned out;

I quite like the look of having a lot of the floor in it. And being able to see the movement of the foot when playing the drums allows for the drummer to be included in the image more than you may first thing – with him being the only person showing movement, it gives him an importance in the image even though his face isn’t shown. These were both taken at an ISO of 400, at f/4 and a shutter speed of 1/40 sec. I feel these are both relatively affective establishing shots.

Here is a contact sheet of the images which I liked from this shoot. I found that this shoot had the least good images out of the 3, but I feel the change in rehearsal room may have had something to do with it – the bigger room allowed for the band to be more spread out and therefore there was a lack of interaction between them for me to capture. However, putting all 3 shoots together, I feel I have enough images to form a good edit.


My main focus at this shoot was to get more images of the drummer, as when looking through my images there is a distinct lack of him. I managed to get a couple that I liked, and using a flash helped to remove some of the movement which I had previously.

I feel these work well in showing Sam in the same way that all the others have already been shown. I am unhappy with the warm tones which I previously said about, however I feel they will be effective in my photo story. The first image was taken at an ISO of 800, 26mm, f/4.2 and a shutter speed of 1/80 sec. The second with an ISO of 400, 35mm, f5 and a shutter speed of 1/20 sec.


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