Studio (AD4803) – Portaits

For our studio module, we were asked to take studio portraits of an individual we knew and an individual we didn’t know. For this I chose my coursemate Christina, and her flat mate Ffion. I was aprehensive about taking photos in the studio as my knowledge of studio lighting and equipment has never been very good, however once I established what I was doing I quite enjoyed it.

I decided to keep the lighting set up the same with both subjects, just because I wanted the same tones to both images. I chose a single light slightly in front to the left of the subject, as to light up their faces. The light meter read at an ISO of 100, f20 at a shutter speed of 1/125 sec. so all my settings were constant throughout.

Portrait of someone you know



Portrait of someone you don’t know;



With all the images I had to slightly alter the temperature in Lightroom as they seemed slightly desaturated, however I am happy overall.


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