Street (AD4803) – Artist Research: Brigitte Schweighoffer.

It has proven difficult to find information on Brigitte, however I find her photography interesting and would like to utilise her techniques in my street photography.

Her photography seems to base around streets and buildings around the world, and she uses a very high contrast and deep depth of fields in her work. I normally prefer shallow depth of fields, as I dislike having more than one focal point in an image, however I feel her use of deep depth of fields to keep the sky highly in focus behind the highly contrasted buildings/objects works really well and almost gives a surreal feeling.

I would like to use this style with my street photography as I feel the sky tends to be overlooked in street photography. Photographers only ever photograph people or objects within the city centre, but very rarely do you see focus on natural elements already existing before the city, such as nature and the sky/weather, and I feel using a deep depth of field such as this is a good way to show almost a before and after – keeping both the natural world and the man made world in focus. I feel if I cannot do this technique well in this project, I will go on to do a personal project utilising this idea.

I also particularly like her use of colour. When working with gloomy weather, such as the third picture above, your eyes are not drawn to the sky, your eyes are drawn to the colours which she has allowed to enter the image, even though they are not in the centre of the image and seemingly not the main focus. I find it interesting how she has managed to bring colour into what could be said as quite “boring” images of buildings. Furthermore, she has worked well with shapes and lines of these buildings, mixed with the fact that her images are very high in saturation and contrast, and made these lines a very interesting focal point.


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