Studio (AD4803) – Group Portraits

Task 3 in the module guide for AD4803 (studio) was to produce an ‘outdoor group portrait (minimum of 3 people, preferably more)’.

In class, we looked at how group portraits look, and found that generally they are formed using a triangle shape. I decided to use 3 people in my group image due to this, with one standing in the middle and two on either side. I chose not to use flash as the sunlight was bright against the white wall we had chosen, so I felt ambient lighting would suffice.

I asked the girls to be natural, as I didn’t really want an overly posed image. I felt a natural, fun image says more about me as a photographer as I am not a fan of serious images – I find them relatively boring. I feel my models enjoyed themselves and that shows through the image.



As I was using a new camera, I hadn’t quite got to grips with the white balance yet, so I had to alter the white balance in RAW adjustments, which is why it does seem slightly desaturated, something that I will focus on when shooting an outdoor portrait again. However, I am happy with the outcome as it presents the natural personalities of my models.


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