Photo Story (AD4802) – Final Layout

I have decided on this layout for my Photo Story on Fawner.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.34.56

I decided on a full bleed for the title page as I felt it would work well in establishing what the article is about. Also, I really felt this image captured the essence of what Fawner is about, and ties in with the subheading (wearing a flannel shirt which is mentioned in the subheading). I decided to crop the bottom out slightly as originally there was an amp in the picture, but I felt cropping it would remove any distractions from the image so the viewer can focus on the title and then go down to seeing the neck of the guitar and the flannel shirt, allowing for a mental link. I feel having quite a heavily black image works well for the band as their aesthetic is quite “grungey”, so I feel the black background with the flannel shirt works really well at establishing what kind of musician this article is about.

When looking at DIY magazine, most of their articles do start off with a full bleed image on the title page, so I feel I done well at replicating that. However, many of theirs are studio images and unfortunately I didn’t manage to do a studio shoot with Fawner before the deadline, which is one thing that I would have done first if I could start this again. On the other hand, I feel the image has a studio feel to it due to it’s heavily dark background, so it’s not hugely opposing to DIY’s layouts.

With the title and subheading, I wanted to use alliteration to make it fun and quirky, along with letting it stand out to a reader. Using ‘F’s to alliterate further establishes the band that the article is about, being the first letter of the band’s name. The font is a simple, easy to read font that works well with the target audience (teenagers/young adults).

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.35.09

I am very happy with my second page layout. I chose to have the remaining four band members individually in the centre of the page as when you’re reading the article, your eyes will always go back to the centre of the page, therefore allowing for the images to gain and sustain interest. I decided to use pull quotes to section the writing and to allow for the writing not to overpower the page. I feel although the quotes may not be wildly appropriate, they show the band’s personality, which has already been established in the writing as “sarcastic” and “informal”. I decided to keep the captions simple, simply stating who the image is depicting, what instrument they play and where they are in the image.

Overall I think my layout works well. I have thought about the how the reader views each part of a magazine when reading an article and selected layouts which I think work well with these aspects.


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