Street (AD4803) – “Look Up, Look Down”

“Look Up, Look Down” is the new title of my street module. Upon realising that my favourite images were of buildings against the sky when looking up, I decided to focus on this on my next few shoots. However, having to create an overall edit of 20 images, I feel this concept may become slightly repetitive, therefore I have decided to also focus on looking down as well as up. I feel these two different aspects of street will allow a narrative to be formed through the idea that people tend to only look around and in front of them in a city, and never stop to realise the beauty that is also above them or below them. In my most recent visit to Bristol, I decided to be very literal with “looking down”, by focusing on pavements, road markings, car tires, patches of grass on walkways and shadows. Although these could be seen as quite boring concepts, I feel when paired with images of buildings/other objects against the sky, the idea will be clear and gain interest.

On my previous shoots, the weather has been quite dark and gloomy, which I liked the aesthetic of. However, on my recent visit the sky was very consistently blue, with no clouds, so I think the comparison between these two weather extremes will also add interest to my edit, as a city is always seem as quite gloomy and dark, so the blue will add colour as well as juxtaposing any stereotypical thoughts of a city. It’s also refreshing to see an image of a tall building with a backdrop of a blue sky opposed to a dark sky.


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