Photo Story (AD4802) – Evaluation

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 13.24.21

Here is my original proposal for this module. Overall, I feel I kept to my proposal quite well and didn’t go a different direction in regards to the overall outcome that I wanted to achieve. I didn’t keep to the list of photographers which I said I would research, however I found I researched mainly people that I was already familiar with as I am very interested in music myself, so I thought I would use my own knowledge of people who shoot in this way already. I chose to go with the band’s first original single for the audio and chose the recording that they released rather than recording them live as I knew what I was getting with that recording and I feel recording live could have come with variables such as someone in the crowd talking, there being issues while the gig is going on and having to restart, or there being some kind of feedback or buzzing from the music being so loud. I took all these into consideration when choosing my audio.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 13.48.09.png

With the images that I have taken for the module, I feel that I have shot a good amount, maybe one more shoot would have got me a slightly bigger and better edit to work with, however in regards to rehearsals the imagery was getting very repetitive, so if I did have a 5th shoot it would have had to have been a gig. I feel throughout this module my images have got better and I have gained more of an understanding of working with difficult lighting, as both the rehearsal space and the gig venues both had dim lighting. I used both a pop up flash on my camera and a speed light during shooting, and have used a 24mm and 50mm lens to gain different angles and perspectives, along with trying to allow more light to enter my images, and allow me to use a slightly higher shutter speed. For example, my last shoot I used the 24mm lens and was able to go to an aperture of f2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/125 in a dimly lit pub in Hereford, and the images were sharp and lit well with the stage lighting. I feel this module has almost forced me to develop my knowledge of photography as when working with difficult lighting you have to know how to alter your camera settings in order to get the best possible images.

(Above: contact sheets of the final edits from each shoot)

When making the video, the only difficulties I came across were knowing how to save it. Overall I found Premiere Pro a very easy program to use and I was able to freely design my video how I wanted. When sequencing, I tried to look at it from a photographic meaning stance, by looking deeper into the image to try and sequence it in a way that really speaks a narrative, and as I have become closer to the band I have found it easier to shoot in a way that speaks that narrative. I chose a mixture of rehearsal, social and gig images to include in my video to fully show the life of the members of the band, which is what I wanted to achieve; more than just the band as a band.

Which leads me on to the magazine layout; I chose the subtitle “Fans, friendships and flannel shirts; photographing upcoming Cheltenham band, Fawner”, which I feel shows that it is more than just music photography, I have clearly established that this Photo Story is about the people behind the band.

(Above: final layout for magazine article)

I feel my magazine layout went well. I had a few different layouts that I explored, but I feel my final layout works well in establishing the band as the people, which works well with my narrative. I also feel it mirrors my chosen magazine (DIY) quite well as the use of four images in the centre of the page is something that has also been used in DIY. I also feel my use of pull quotes allowed for the images and writing to come together quite well.


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