Photo Story (AD4802) – Final Video (changes)

On the evening of the 31st March, I attended a Fawner gig last minute. I used a Nikon D7100 and a 24mm lens and upon looking at the images I’ve decided to include some of these new photos in my video.

I am happy to alter it even being so close to the deadline, as these images I feel are better than a lot than I have taken originally for this project, so hopefully they can make the video a lot better quality wise. I’ve decided that I like the length that the video is at at the moment (1 minute 17 seconds) and furthermore the music selection fits well with this timing so I will just have to take out some of the images already there and replace them, which I am happy to do.

I decided for the starting image I would replace the whole band image to an image of the band’s feet that I took on Friday night. I like this image because they are all wearing the same shoes which I have noticed is a pattern, throughout the time I’ve spent with them. _MIL3091

I chose this image because it establishes the band without actually showing them, which allows a viewer to ponder on who these people are before finding out in the duration of the video. There is slight motion blur however I feel it is not enough to ruin the image and it adds to the image slightly as it shows that they are performing.

I kept the next 7 images the same as I wanted the first half of the video to be of rehearsals and I am happy with the sequence of these images.

I decided to add a couple more images to the social view of the band, as a big part of the band is the fact that they are friends, and on most of their social media they do talk about how they are a band of friends, so I felt showing their friendship is also important.

These are the 3 images which show the social side;


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.20.28


I feel these images work well together as they show that they are simply young adults doing what young adults do; taking selfies, chatting, crowding around a laptop watching videos. I felt these images were very natural and not them performing and playing to a crowd with a persona, which is important to show the real people behind the instruments.


I also added this image as, again, I lacked images of the drummer Sam, so on Friday night I tried hard to get more images of him. I’ve noticed also that the band as a whole lack images of him, so I felt it would only be right to include more of him in my documenting.


This image is next. I like this because both boys are pretty much making the same face and are both very mesmerised by playing their instrument, which the colours of the lights I feel added to that idea.

I decided to take away the image of Courteney singing to end the video and replace it with an image of Courteney in frame, but out of focus, framed by two other instruments;


I really like this image as it is a rare image I managed to get of the two boys playing guitar without motion blur, and I feel having Courteney in the background gives it more of a narrative. I like the slight shine of the lights on the guitars and the silhouetted people, which links to the start of the video as you are not seeing the member properly – just like with the shoes.

I am a lot happier with the video with these alterations. I feel the images added are of better quality than the previous images taken from performances, and therefore I felt they needed to be added. I also feel they add a certain amount of colour that the rehearsal images lacked.


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