Studio (AD4803) – First Shoot

As my chosen magazine is “InkSpired”, I chose one of my colleagues from work who has purple hair and sleeve tattoos to be my subject for this module. My first shoot I decided I would do on location at Pitville Park, as I wanted to have a soft backdrop to really highlight her alternative side and to make her stand out. I used the Mamiya 645 as I was slightly unconfident with using a Hasselblad. I feel the images came out a lot better than I initially expected. I like how vibrant both the background and her hair have come out, and I like how her choice of black clothing has worked well to help her tattoos and hair stand out.


I accidentally missed this (and the bottom image) when colour correcting them before scanning them, which is why they have a slight warm hue to them. However, I like the effect that it has given the images and feel it works well with the aesthetic I am trying to achieve.



Overall I like how the pictures look. I feel choosing to do a location shoot worked better than a studio shoot as there was added colour from the grass surroundings and when photographing an alternative/tattooed individual I feel colour is everything. Next time I will try to focus on her face more and do more close ups of her tattoos, however I feel for my first time using 120 colour film, the images are of a good standard.


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