Street (AD4803) – Artist Research: Johnny Mobasher.

Johnny Mobasher is a British street photographer, who works with film predominantly, both colour and black and white. His first camera was a Russian 6×6 medium format camera, and has been using the medium of film in his photography ever since.
His imagery is interesting, taking photos of both people and the environment around him. I particularly like his use of angles, some images he has taken from down below, looking up, which I quite like being that my project is entitled “Look Up, Look Down.”

I like the deep depth of field in the second image, having the background also in focus is very interesting to look at, and almost makes the image look quite surreal. I also like how highly saturated the colours are, which adds to that idea. I also like how there seems to be an aura around the subject in the first image, possibly from motion blur. I feel he uses both colour and black and white well and I feel each image suits it’s representative colour, with the second one suiting it’s high saturation.

I also like how he very rarely has a subject’s full face in an image, he uses angles to hide certain parts of their face or only take images from certain body parts, which I feel is an interesting exploration of the human being – we know that it’s a person and the fact that we can’t see their whole face allows us to be more intrigued about the photograph. I like the image through the window, as personally I have attempted to take images through windows and have always had issues with lighting and reflections, so I am interested in how he has lit this image and what settings he has used. I feel perhaps his positioning helped, as I have only ever taken from a straight on angle, whereas he is slightly low in his positioning and not looking straight into the window, allowing for any reflections to be from the street and not from him, and also allowing for more light from the street to come in through the sides.

I also like his use of shadows and silhouettes. Many of these I feel I could easily recreate with my “Look Up, Look Down” project, as they are very interesting looking objects to point out on the ground. The image of the man in the wheelchair is very similar (shadow wise) to an image I have taken of a bike’s shadow, so I feel I could easily do something similar to this style of images, the only difference being that these are taken on a film medium and my images are DSLR.


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