Street (AD4803) – Artist Research: Ronya Galka.

Ronya Galka is a British street and urban photographer, and has been named one of the “Top 10 British Street Photographers of 2015” by the Interactive Design Institute. I enjoy looking into female photographers as it seems that many established photographers tend to be men, so looking at Ronya’s work has proved very interesting. Her work consists of black and white imagery, and conveys mainly people in her street photography. She has a project called “Faces of London”, which shows people living their lives on the streets of London, and it’s very interesting to see how she puts to use her experience in portrait photography with her street photography.

I like how in some of her images she freezes movement, and she does it extremely well. This frozen movement works well with the black and white photography in establishing an almost nostalgic feel to her images. I particularly like the second image above of a man laughing, as I feel she has utilised the light in the background well and has used it to make this image feel very light and friendly, making a viewer want to know who this man is and where this image was taken. I also like the first image, as I feel the man in the foreground’s stance looks quite odd where Ronya has captured him mid movement. I also like how all 3 subjects have space between them, almost like walking in unison, and their shadows are also on show.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 15.15.07.png

I like how the above image works with it’s background – an interesting contrast between modern style and old style, with these alternative individuals in the foreground and the artistic lifework in the background. I feel this is a simple yet affective way to look at the ever changing lives around London.

I really like her use of shadows. Shadows working with black and white I feel is always a go to combination, and sometimes can become quite boring because of this. However, her use of continually picking out similar kinds of lines in these images, and allowing the light to transform her subjects into silhouettes really gains interest and makes these images special.


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