Studio (AD4803) – Second Shoot (Planning).

For my second shoot, I have decided to use a combination of ambient lighting and tungsten lighting to see what interesting effects I can get. Whilst researching my magazine, I have found that one of the contributing photographers; Sean Hartgrove, often varies between documentary style photography and studio based, which is important to note as for this module we need to focus on making our images to fit into this magazine’s style. This means that I can choose whether I want these images to be in a studio style story, or a documentary style story, which I am going to choose a documentary style. The main reason for this is because in InkSpired magazine, a lot of the studio style images are very sexualised and in high class settings, and I do not want to produce sexualised images within my work, and also I do not have access to any kind of setting similar to these boudoir style shoots, therefore I am going to shoot on location, and allow for the images to feel more documentary style. Although I am going for the documentary style route, I am going to allow Serena (my subject) to pose in any way she feels comfortable, and last shoot she felt comfortable doing quite posed stances, so I will allow her to carry on with these poses, even if they do feel more fake, as I would like the images to show her feeling comfortable rather than her clearly not enjoying the shoot.

For my second shoot, I am going to photograph in the Frog and Fiddle pub in Cheltenham. They have a large window at the front of the pub, with some sofas right next to them, so I am going to use the lighting from those windows mixed with the warm tungsten lighting in the establishment and see what kind of images I get from this. I will use my DSLR to allow me to make sure I have all the correct settings and to establish perfect angles etc. beforehand.

I have chosen to use ambient lighting again because I do not like the harsh look that a flash gives an image. I feel in certain circumstances a flash is needed, however a lot of the time I feel you can get just a good an image without the flash, and I also feel an image can be particularly more interesting when you’re just using the lighting that is available to you.


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