Studio (AD4803) – Supporting Text.

Supporting Text to accompany my 4 final images.

Amateur photographer Serena Hill is 24 years old and spends her time photographing gigs, looking after animals and serving alternative folk at The 2 Pigs in Cheltenham. Donning bright purple hair, multiple piercings, chokers and Dr Martens, Serena’s look is definitely one of an alternative girl, and her tattoos also add to this interesting look. She says about her tattoos “I just got artwork that I liked, and a lot of the things I have tattooed on me are my favourite things, so when I look at my tattoos it makes me happy to see my favourite things on me”.

Serena photographs for music magazine Distorted Sound, and her job allows her to attend music events and capture performances, whilst working with a critic to allow the magazine to get the most interesting and well illustrated view on the upcoming musician. She enjoys this and hopes that one day an opportunity will arise to photograph at Download Festival at Donnington Park.

Along with this, Serena is a barmaid at The 2 Pigs, which is an alternative themed bar and club in the heart of Cheltenham. She has worked there for around 2 years and regulars often talk about how lovely it is to see her and how much of a fun individual she is. Furthermore, her day job allows her to spend all day looking after cats in a shelter, proving that she really is a “jack of all trades”, and further proving that you shouldn’t have to have a certain look to get a job as many would assume – she has 3 with this awesome alternative look!


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