Studio (AD4803) – Evaluation


These are my contact sheets from both shoots. Looking back I do regret not taking part in more shoots to practice my film skills, as I feel, although I like my final images, I could have gotten better quality images and I may have gained confidence and actually partaken in a studio lit shoot for this project. I also would have changed one of my final images – I would have used “studio006” instead of “studio010” for my final image, as I feel the quality is a lot better in 006, and the colour isn’t as much of an issue, and I feel when printed up to size, 010 is going to look slightly out of place due to its’ colour issues. However, I already have a final image with the dog, so perhaps two images including the dog may have been too much when the story is about Serena.

I feel this module was my weakest module purely because it was using film, which I am not confident with using. I had issue loading the film into the back of the Mamiya 645, and found myself becoming increasingly anxious shooting with this medium and not being able to see my images, like with a DSLR. However, I really like the aesthetic of film, so in future I may practice some more with it to gain some confidence, as I really like the outcome of all my images when using the Mamiya.

I am happy with the magazine I chose, as their website uploads every issue as a PDF, therefore I was able to gain full access to the magazine for research. I also enjoyed the exploration between studio and documentary which a few of the photographers do in this magazine, which filled me with the confidence to do more location shoots for this project.


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