Studio (AD4803) – InDesign Experimentation.

I decided that due to these images being for a magazine, I would play around with a magazine concept layout for my images and text. Here is the final layout;

InkSpired Serena

I decided to use the most posed image as the biggest image to establish who this article is about and to show her looks as looks are an important aspect in magazines like this. I also decided to use an actual header from one of the magazine’s articles as to give it a bit more credibility, along with using the magazine’s logo to establish which magazine this is for. I feel like it works well as a double page spread, however it would have looked better if I didn’t only do landscape images, as a portrait image would have looked good, and also could have been used as a cover image. However, although I didn’t use this image in my final four, I decided to also make a concept magazine cover with this image;


Although the typical cover image for this magazine is very sexual and studio based, I thought this quirky image with the subtitle about the image works well, and helps to work with the narrative.


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