Studio (AD4803) – Second Shoot.

I ended up having to change the location of my second shoot, from the front of the Frog and Fidddle to outside in the beer garden, as my model had to bring along her dog Zaa. However, I was happy with this change as I feel the images were quite affective, having the bricked wall as a backdrop and having her sat in a casual environment, on the benches. I also incorporated her dog into the images, which I feel works with my supporting text where I’ve written about her looking after animals. Here are my images;


I’m happy with the outcome. I am slightly apprehensive with the fact that the colour is slightly saturated, which happened when scanning the images and colour restoration gave them this slightly high saturation and high contrast. However, I feel it works with the aesthetic of an alternative person, if my magazine was about something more conservative I would have re-done the shoot to allow for the colours to be at a more normalised temperature, however I feel the colour works for my images.


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