Street (AD4803) – Contact Sheets

For this module, we were told to have taken a minimum of 300 photos. I have taken 300+ photos each shoot, therefore I have many images to choose from for my final 20. I have already established that I am going to use one of four images (below) for my first establishing shot, however picking my final edit is going to be difficult when overall I am extremely happy with a lot of my images from this module.


Shoot One

Due to the first shoot being when I encountered the anti-Trump march, I have 11 contact sheets for this one shoot. However, although there is a lot of images to choose from, I haven’t used any from my first shoot in my final edit, because I didn’t feel any of them worked with my new project direction. There was a couple which could have been included, but I didn’t feel they were quite strong enough;

Although I do like these images, and I feel they could have easily worked as a “Look Up” and “Look Down” image, I don’t feel like they are quite literal enough. Of course the first image is clearly “Look Up” but I don’t feel it tells the viewer enough that you need to look up more when travelling around Bristol, purely because people tend to look up at the wheel already, so it wouldn’t be a huge difference. I also feel I am not looking down literally enough on the second image.

Shoot Two

This shoot wasn’t necessarily one of my best shoots as I went in with no real idea as to what I wanted my narrative to me.

Shoot Three

Despite the gloomy weather, this shoot was where I got the majority of my best images;


5 of the above images are in the final edit. This shoot I had established a narrative, but it was different to the narrative which I have ended the module with, so I am happy that so many of these images worked with my changed module also. My narrative at this stage was relating around art/architecture/metal, and a lot of this was either low down or high up, so evidently I ended up with a few of my final edit from this.

Shoot 4

The gloomy weather on this occasion worked against me. I had established on this shoot what my narrative was going to be and therefore was focusing on looking up and down a lot, however none of these images went into my final edit as none of them were particularly strong.

Shoot 5

Shoot five was my best for this narrative. The weather was the most consistent, and I spent more time looking down as well as looking up. I also spent more time looking at compositions of what was on the floor, and what was looming over me, allowing for more interesting pictures. The consistent weather made it easy to get highlights, shadows and reflections in images, making them a greater quality than some previous images.


The above images are all in my final 20, so this shoot was clearly my most successful.

I enjoyed doing this module, I found it interesting looking at different aspects of street. I enjoyed further developing my idea and I would like to further explore this idea of not looking forward all the time, look down and up and see the different views of the city, and make a larger project outside of university with this idea.


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