Street (AD4803) – Final Edit Change

When looking through my images as JPEGs on screen rather than as prints, I have noticed that one of my images isn’t sharp, so I have changed my final edit;

I have swapped this image..


for this image..


Although the new image didn’t 100% fit what I wanted to portray when first looking at it, it is a good quality image and visually it works well with my final edit, in regards to the colour palette which I have already established. I will not change the order of my final edit to put this one in, I shall keep it in the same place, as there was no huge significance of the first image being in its position in the sequence – my main focus were the first and last images, along with making sure there was a mixture of Up and Down photos throughout.

I have also decided to print my final 6 at 10 x 8, therefore have had to crop my images to that size and lost some details on the images. However, when printing the overall final 20, I will keep them A4 so all the details will still be visible in one of the edits.


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