Street (AD4803) – Forming a Narrative (continued.)

Christina and I had a look at my printed images from the shoots and selected a final 20 from my images. Overall, after taking out some images that didn’t fit my new project title, there was 24 images, so I only needed to take 4 out. This is the final 24;


This is my final 20;


We chose to pair images that relate to each other together – one which is a “Look Up” image and one which is a “Look Down” image. After doing so there were four left over as I had more images which were “Look Up” than “Look Down”. I am happy with the colour palette in my final 20, as there is a mixture of blues and greys, with some reds and greens in also, which allows them to all work well together as they all have similar colours in them. I was talking in my previous narrative blog post about having a starting establishing shot for my final 20 narrative. I think I have decided that this image is going to be my establishing shot, as I feel it is strong and shows depth with it’s multiple shades of blue and the shadows/highlights which are projected onto them.

Above are the images in the order of the narrative. I chose to keep the pairs together, but sometimes have the “Look Down” before the “Look Up” in order to also include the unpaired images. I feel this is a good mixture of that, along with a good mixture of portrait and landscape images. I chose to end with the silhouetted image because it was an image that was taken at the end of a shoot, so I feel the fact that it was actually taken later in the day than all of them is my way of “wrapping up” the narrative as though I was ending the shoot.

We then went on to select the best 3 pairs from the final 20 to make a final 6. This is the result;

I feel these images are the strongest individual images, as well as the strongest pairings, out of the 20. I wanted to have the images of the gloomier buildings in my final 6, however, I wasn’t too keen on the images which I had paired them with, so I feel these are a lot stronger. I like the overall simplicity in these images, yet they are detailed enough to portray my narrative of Bristol.

I feel these images go well together purely because of the lines and the highlights on these lines. They go in opposite directions, however I feel this is a good way of drawing in a viewer as you focus on the directions of the lines and therefore it allows the reader to follow those lines and follow through the narrative through this following, so the lines are a way of leading you onto the next images. I also like how the “Look Up” image is brighter than the other one, as it gives a nice difference in the pairing; I didn’t want the pairings to be too similar.

I’ve previously said that these two I feel work well together because of the lines, much like the above images. The directions are also important in these, as unlike the previous two, they go in the same directions, which allows you to again look further into the narrative. I also like the difference in textures – the first image seeming very smooth and the second very rough due to the bumps on the crossing, and the jagged edges because of the crack. Clearly the colours also differ, again showing the different sides (up vs down).

I feel these images work pair together well because of the blacks and the small hint of red in both of them. Also, the relation between a road and signage allows them to be a lot more similar than the previous images. I like the simplicity of the second image, with a small glimpse of the car in the corner and the motion blur on that small glimpse. The first image is similar in the sense that it is the back of a sign, so it allows the viewers to perhaps wonder what is on that sign, much like wondering what kind of car that is, where is it going, who is driving it etc. Also, the small sticker, which has been ripped, adds to that idea of questioning components of the image.

Overall I am very happy with my final edit, and feel they tell the story which I want to tell about Bristol.



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