Street (AD4803) – Evaluation


Above is my contact sheet showing my final edit of 20 images. I am very happy with how my final edit worked out, as I feel they all work well together due to their colour palettes and the effectiveness of my narrative.

I feel I have grasped street photography relatively well, as I have focused on buildings and objects that I feel represent the city of Bristol, although I have not experimented with taking images of people which a lot of street photographers focus their attention on.  I enjoyed the independence of going out and not having specific images planned, in a sense “winging” the photography, as I feel thoroughly planning a shoot can end in disappointment if the pictures did not go right, therefore location shooting with no real expectation has allowed me to be surprisingly optimistic about the outcomes.

I am happy with the amount of images I produced overall, as I had a huge amount of images to choose from for my final edit. I enjoyed going back to the same city to photograph different areas and really explore with my photography, and I feel this sense of exploration has helped me to gain confidence in street photography. If I were to do this module again, I would have perhaps tried to look at photographing people, but forming an interesting narrative may have proved difficult. I feel if I did do another street project, I would have to plan ahead more if I were to use people in my imagery, and would have had to produce model release forms etc. I could always use people that I know live in that specific city as models, however I feel it would not be true to the medium of street photography if I were not using just passersby.

In regards to my final 6 images, I am very happy with how I have chosen them – by pairing them together. I feel this allows for the 6 to sit very comfortably together and actually look like they belong in the same series. My use of a limited colour palette (blues/greys/reds/greens) allows for the final 20 to work well together and evidently the pairings in the final 6 do also. I like how all my final edits are high in contrast and are very simplistic, but I feel the simplicity works well with my narrative, and if I were to produce highly detailed images which fill the frame with focal points, it would not have had the same effect. My favourite images from the final 6 are these;

I like the image of the car because it leaves a lot to the imagination, and I feel the small amount of motion blur with the strong shadow and road markings allows for a simple image to actually be more intricate than it seems. I also like the lack of colour apart from the small amount of red on the car. With my final print for this image, as I chose to print 8 x 10, I had to crop the shadow out of it to allow for all of the car to be in the frame, however the shadow is established in all the blog posts and the final 20 contact sheet and therefore I am happy to have it cropped in the final image. The second image I like because of the texture it provides – with the bumps and the crack both showing this. I also like how it is again such a simple concept, as you walk past these crossings all the time, however it made for an interesting picture, especially focusing and cropping it this close in order to see all the details and textures.


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